Come Enjoy a Tranquil Moment

When I came to see Diane it was on the recommendation of my chiropractor that I find someone for massage therapy.  I was stressed, exhausted and feeling depressed.

My first session was two hours, a cleanse, reflexology, and a massage.  I fell asleep three times.  Following our session I went and slept for two hours.  The transformation was amazing.  I had new found energy and felt alive again.  Diane is a amazing therapeutic healer and I am continuing to see her and highly recommend her to you.

Thanks Diane   See you again soon.

I first started seeing Diane when I was given a gift certificate for a session with her.  Diane was recommend to me by a friend.  Best recommendation ever.  For one appointment I could note even lift my arm to put my coat on, and when I left I was almost pain free and able to use my arm.  She's is wonderful.

Mallory M.

Andrea L.

Jo-Anne J.

I have know Diane for many years.  I knew she was a certified reflexologist but did not take the opportunity to avail myself of her services until after I suffered a great personal loss.  Diane was there to support me!  She offered to come to my home to do "something special" for me.  That's when I was introduced to reflexology.  It was a wonderful relaxing experience.  Since then I have been going to Diane's home spa.

One day, when I was going for a reflexology session, I was having a flare up of my sciatica, which for me is quite debilitating.  Diane said, "I can help you with that" and she did.  The relief was remarkable.  She has also relieved other aches and pains that have cropped up. 

I really enjoy going to Diane's spa.  It is a comfortable, tranquil place to be.  Her personal touch makes me feel at ease from the first moment.  It is simply a great experience

Rev. David R. Lock.

Heart to Heart Celebrations - Owner

I am grateful for the significant improvement that reflexology by Diane has had on my overall health and well being.  It helps me to relax and reduces my neck pain.  Our feet are our bodies foundation to health and wellness!

Testimonies of the Benefits of Reflexology