Come Enjoy a Tranquil Moment

Hot Stones.

​​​Foot baths increase blood flow through the feet and entire skin surface, relieving congestion in internal organs and brain.

Can help with :

         Cold feet

         Colds, chest congestion, flu, and coughs

         Leg cramps


Can detox the body with using Epsom salt and or essential oils.

Epsom salt baths are super fantastic for relaxing your whole body and getting the benefits of magnesium.

Benefits found from Epsom salt regular foot baths are:

         Flush out toxins

         Increase and absorb magnesium

         Reduce stress and anxiety

         Relieve muscle aches, pain and cramping

         Eliminates odors

         Treats foot fungus

         Helps regulate blood sugar

Can be done easily at home with a large basin and warm water.


​Aroma Foot Bath

Benefits of Reflexology is an effective antidote for alleviating stress, emotional and muscular difficulties.

​Services at Karinghearts

Reflexology is a natural stimulation art: a hands-on technique for activating the nerve responses of the body.  Every part of the body has a reflex area on the feet, hands, and ears.  When the reflexes are stimulated, messages are carried along the neural pathways to the corresponding body part and this triggers the body to go to a state of balance or normal functioning and relaxation.  Research tells us that stress is the root of 80-90% of all illness.

 Reflexology has the ability to reverse the effects of the stress.  The action is simply to relax the tension, reduce the vascular constriction and let the blood and nerve supply flow more freely which improves the circulation.  The body can then repair itself unimpeded by the effects of stress.

The role of the reflexologist is not to diagnose but to apply a careful, professional combination of observation and treatment to such a way as to bring about results.

​Come to Karinghearts  to experience what effects Reflexology has on a variety of needs as Fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinsons, Stress, Anxiety, and Migraines ect.

First I am not an RMT.

​My instructor from Australia is a RMT, Sandy Roger.  She taught us massage in our second level of reflexology.


        Reduction of muscle tension and stiffness.

        Relief of muscle spasms.

        Greater flexibility and range of motion.

        Increase of the ease and efficiency of movement.

        Relief of stress and aide of relaxation

        Relief of tension-related conditions, such as headaches.

        Creation of a feeling of well-being.

        Reduction of anxiety.

        Increase in awareness of the mind-body connection.

​        Promotion of a relaxed state of mental awareness.

Because of their incredible energy is why I include them in my therapy.  There are many therapists who use their own variation of stone massage.  I like to place stones on the body protecting the skin with a damp towel.  I also will use them to facilitate in deep-tissue massage if the client would like to try it when necessary.